This is a website where I post short stories related to my World of Songbird setting. I also post the occasional poem or piece of artwork (some of which unrelated to the WoS setting and can be found in the Misc. section), or personal blog post in their related sections.

What is the World of Songbird, you ask? It’s a fantasy world of stories and fairy tales in which a giant tree plucked the stars from the sky, used them to make gods, and those gods made magical races in their image. If you’d like to know more, I’d recommend reading the stories yourself.

A content warning for those who need it: this world is not overall a kind one–bad things do happen to innocent people in this world, up to and including: racial injustice–which is somewhat oversimplified as it only comes up when relevant to the plot and isn’t really the main focus behind the worldbuilding (but it does play a role in some stories); rape (it’s only really shown up once so far and is mostly just vaguely implied, in the case of Silas Petcher–it may show up in future stories if it makes sense with regard to the plot, but again, it’s not really meant to be a central focus from a plot standpoint at this point in time), psychological abuse, and murder. At least one of the poems I wrote in the WoS section (“Forever and a Day”) has a subtle–or not-so-subtle, depending on how one reads it–allusion to suicide ideation. Not all the stories and poems are doom and gloom, mind you (in fact I’d argue most of them aren’t), but if that’s not your cup of tea, I’d recommend giving this site a pass since some of the stories and poems do contain it.

You have been warned.